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 Feb 8, 2003
Methadone Treatment Investigated
Following the death of a 24-year-old University of Montevallo student from methadone, Alabama authorities have ...
 Feb 8, 2003
Methadone Overdose, Deaths on Rise in U.S.
Throughout the United States, overdoses and deaths from methadone, a drug used to relieve chronic ...
 Jan 22, 2003
Drug Rehabilitation Center Opens
Narconon, a world leader in drug addiction rehabilitation has successfully helped thousands of addicts recover ...

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Effects of Methadone


Most common side effects drowsiness: lightheadedness; weakness; euphoria; dry mouth; urinary retention; constipation; slow or troubled breathing
Occasional side effects allergic reactions: skin rash, hives, itching; headache; dizziness; impaired concentration; sensation of drunkenness; confusion; depression; blurred or double vision; facial flushing; sweating; heart palpitation; nausea and vomiting
Least common side effects anaphylactic reactions; hypotension causing weakness and fainting; disorientation; hallucinations; unstable gait; tremor; muscle twitching; myasthenia gravis
Risks kidney failure; seizures
Symptoms of Overdose marked drowsiness; confusion; tremors; convulsions; stupor leading to coma; cold and clammy skin; hypotension; bradycardia


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